Request for Proposals

County-Wide Public Safety Radio Narrowbanding  Re-Programming Project

The following questions were asked in regards to the Clinton County Narrowbanding Request for Proposal, below each question is the response.

1)  The RFP mentions Alert Weather Sirens but does not have an inventory of those radio controlled sirens, could an inventory be provided? If so could the number, make, model, location be provided, if that is not possible the number and location of all sirens so a vendor could inventory them?

The outdoor warning sirens were put in the RFP in error and are not part of the request

2)  Pagers inventoried include Minitor III and Minitor IV pagers, which according to Motorola specs are not FCC type accepted to be narrow band. There is  liability to a vendor that modifies these pagers for narrowband operation and then  lets them be used for public safety. Would the county accept replacement costs for these models? 

The county understands that these pagers are not optimal and the county will provide a letter saying that we understand the risk. 

3)  Would the county be open to purchasing a couple of Spare Pyramid repeaters? Narrow banding these units includes changing filters, bench work for each. Spares could be used to switch out units and illuminate lengthy squad down time. 

We are not open to purchasing spare Pyramid repeaters however, we do have one repeater that can be removed from a non-essential vehicle and a spare in stock that we will use to cycle through the vehicles as each repeater is taken out of service for reprograming. 

4)  Is the County willing to verify that all inventory is narrowband capable? Thus not holding the vendor responsible when a unit is found that is not capable or not FCC type accepted to be on a narrow band frequency. 

The county will draft a letter saying that we will not hold the vendor responsible for units that are not capable or FCC type accepted to be on a narrowband frequency.  However the vendor will have to report the radio units that are not capable or FCC type accepted to be on a narrowband frequency to the Clinton County Communications Manager. 

5)  As units are programmed and aligned, what would be the procedure, and rectification if a unit is found not meeting original manufacturer’s specs and in need of service or replacement? 

The vendor will notify the Clinton County Communications Manager if equipment is found to be in need of service or replacement, so the Clinton County Communications Manager can in turn notify the agency that they will have to replace the unit.