Vital Records
Birth, Death and Marriage

Certified copies of birth, death, and marriage can be obtained provided entitlement is proven.  Certified copies are $20.00 each.  Questions on entitlement may be directed to the County Recorder's Office at (563) 244-0565

Marriage Applications, Licenses, and Certificates

The Recorder processes Applications for Marriage in the State of Iowa.  Marriage Licenses and Certificates of Marriage are also issued.

The Marriage Application and License fee is $35.00 cash.  The requirements for issuing a Marriage Application requires the Bride, Groom and one witness, over the age of 18 years of age to appear in person between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:30 pm Monday through Friday.  There is a three (3) business day waiting period before the actual marriage may occur.

Birth Certificates

Vital records of births are available at the Recorder's Office for the years 1880-1920 and 1942-current.  The State Health Department has the records for 1921-1941

Unwed births prior to July 1995, all adoption records, and all legal name changes must be obtained from the State Department of Health (515) 281-4944. 

Death Certificates

Vital records of death certificates are available in the Recorder's Office.


Application to Marry in Iowa
To Obtain a Vital Record from Clinton County:
      Application for Birth Record
      Application for Marriage Record      
      Application for Death Record
To Obtain a Vital Record from Des Moines:
      Application for Birth Record
      Application for Marriage Record
      Application for Death Record