Absentee Ballot Information

To request an Absentee Ballot, print, complete and sign the Absentee Ballot Request Form and return to:

Eric Van Lancker
Clinton County Auditor
P.O. Box 2957
Clinton IA 52733-2957

If you will not be going to the polls on Election Day, you may request an absentee ballot.  This may be done in person at the Auditor's Office, or by mail.  If you would like an absentee ballot sent to you, fill out and print the form on the next page.  Be sure to sign the form, then mail, hand deliver it to the Auditor's office. State law does not allow for us to accept requests for absentee ballots by e-mail.

When your request is received, a ballot and instructions will be sent to you.  Whether you vote the ballot or not, it must be returned to the Auditor's Office.  If you return your ballot by mail, it must be postmarked by the day before Election Day and received before the official canvass or it will not be counted.  You may also return your ballot in person to the Auditor's Office before the polls close on Election Day.

If you have any questions regarding absentee ballots, please call our office at 563-244-0568, or e-mail us at auditor@clintoncounty-ia.gov .