Black and White etching of a tree and gravestones

    Clinton County Pioneer Cemetery Commission
Mission Statement
Adopted May 6, 2010

Clinton County Pioneer Cemetery Commission envisions the pioneer cemeteries of Clinton County as public spaces that honor the families represented within them.

Our heritage is enriched by the lives and deeds of the men and women who have preceded us.  It is, therefore, our mission, as part of the remembrance of them, to provide care and maintenance of pioneer cemeteries in a manner that preserves their beauty, dignity, and historical values, to establish a plan for the restorations and maintenance of pioneer cemeteries, and strive to look for ways to narrow the gap between operating revenues and expenditures.

As a manifestation of the respect and affection, which our community bestows upon those who are buried there, it is intended that our cemeteries be perpetually areas of quiet beauty and serenity, to beckon the living as well as to provide repose for the dead.

The grounds of our pioneer cemeteries are sacredly devoted to the internment and memorialization of the honored dead.