The Clinton County K-9 Unit


The Clinton County Sheriff's Office is pleased to announce the addition of two new members to their agency. K-9 Cora and K-9 Hunter were acquired from North Iowa K-9 in April and July of 2016 .
Deputy Matt Owens has been teamed up with K-9 Cora, a German Shepard. Cora and Deputy Owens are certified in tracking and narcotics detection.
Deputy Brandon VanBlaricome has been teamed up with K-9 Hunter, a Belgium Malinois. K-9 Hunter and Deputy VanBlaricome are certified in tracking, narcotics detection and apprehension.
The deputy handlers and their K-9 partners were trained by Master Trainer Paul Samuelson of North Iowa K-9 located in Humboldt, IA. The purchase price of the two dogs and the training required for them and their handlers was $19,500. This cost was covered totally by grant funding.
Cora began her first patrol shift on May 8th and Hunter began his first patrol shift on July 30th.
"I am pleased to have our K-9 program back in place after our last two K-9s retired due to their age," said former Sheriff Rick Lincoln. "Through very generous individual and business donations as well as grant funding, we were able to purchase, train and equip our K-9s, deputies and squad cars at no additional expense to the citizens of Clinton County." Lincoln added, "These K-9s will prove to be a valuable asset to the Sheriff's Office and other local law enforcement agencies."
Grant funds were obtained from Byrne/Justice Assistance Grant and the Clinton County Development Association.  Donations from Archer's Daniel Midland, Theisen's, McDonald's DeWitt, Nestle Purina Julius Michel, and an anonymous donor also were utilized to fund the program. The additional equipment in the squad cars, motel and meals, dog kennels and other related items were paid for through grants and donations. Veterinarian care has been donated for Abram and Cora by All Pets Mobile Clinic and DeWitt Pet Hospital.
Rick Lincoln, former Sheriff