The Building Maintenance office is located at:

Clinton County Administration Building
1900 N 3rd Street
P.O. Box 2957
Clinton, IA  52733-2957

Corey Johnson
Clinton County
Facilities Director

Phone: (563) 243-2160
Or: (563) 243-6210 x 5612


Building Maintenance Employees:

Ed Reuter – Maintenance Supervisior

Paul Burn – Maintenance III
Matt Lancaster - Maintenance III

Darrell Thola - Maintenance II

Tina Driscoll – Custodian
Steve Tegeler – Custodian
Tracey Friedrichsen - Custodian

The Clinton County Building Maintenance Department is responsible for the safety and operations of all Clinton County buildings.  It is our goal to provide a clean, safe and comfortable environment for all of the county employees and taxpayers who frequent our buildings.