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Severe Weather Information

Outdoor Warning Sirens– Many people call Outdoor Warning Sirens “Tornado Sirens.”  Did you know that they sometimes are used for other things besides tornados?  Do you know what to do when a siren goes off?  This section answers many of the common questions we receive. 

Preparing Your Family for a Disaster – Could you survive 72 hours without additional supplies?  This section outlines Emergency Supply Kits and Family Communication Plans that can help make you ready and prepared in the event of a disaster.

Severe Winter Weather– Snow and winter weather can be fun, but it can also be unexpectedly dangerous.  This section gives useful information about winter weather terminology and what to do in the event of a storm.


Thunderstorm & Lightning Information

Thunderstorms and Lightning– Although we often welcome rain to water our yards and crops, thunderstorms and lighting can be very dangerous.  This section talks about the dangers within the storm.


Tornado Information

Tornados– Possibly one of the more frightening weather related events associated with a thunderstorm.  Information in this section provides safety tips that can help to keep you safe in the event of a tornado.


Floods and Flash Floods– The floods of 2008 have proven that almost any area, even those protected by levees or dikes, can be affected by floods.  Flash floods can also happen almost anywhere.  In this section the differences between floods and flash floods are described and steps you can take to protect yourself if there is flooding. 

Extreme Heat– As temperatures rise and the sun becomes more intense, the possibility of extreme heat during the summer months increases.  This section includes useful knowledge about how to stay cool and safe during extreme heat periods.


Power Outages and Blackouts– The power is out, now what?  This section discusses ways to deal with blackouts and power outages and steps to keep safe while the power is out.