Substance Abuse

Eligibility guidelines for county funding of substance abuse services:

These guidelines shall apply to all persons requesting funding from Clinton County for the cost of his/her substance abuse evaluations, counseling or treatment, and for persons requesting assistance from the county with the legal costs related to substance abuse commitments.

Substance abuse applicant/respondent must meet the following criteria and be able to verify that he/she:

  1. Is a resident of Clinton County as defined by Iowa Code Chapter 125.2(14); and/or

  2. Has legal settlement in Clinton County as defined by Iowa Code Chapter 252.16;

  3. Has gross income not to exceed 150% of federal poverty levels;

  4. Has resources within the guidelines established by County Substance Abuse Policy;

  5. Has no personal ability or has no Title 19 or other third party payer benefits to cover the services for which funding is being requested;

  6. Meets the definition of Substance Abuser according to DSM IV, and requires the level of treatment or services for which funding is being requested;

  7. Follows correct pre-screening and pre-admission procedures established by the Code of Iowa and/or by the facility or agency to which applicant is seeking admission;

These guidelines shall remain in place until such time as any Code of Iowa provisions would conflict with these guidelines, or upon a 30-day written notice to the Board of Supervisors of any intended changes.

If the applicant refuses to provide information necessary to determine eligibility, funding may not be approved.


Persons may contact the Assistant Mental Health Coordinator by calling Kim Ralston at 244-0563 or in person to schedule an appointment for assistance.  Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.